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Free Stock Images: Great Visuals for Your Projects

If you frequently use stock images you know how expensive they can be. Web images of the same quality can...

I f you frequently use stock images you know how expensive they can be. Web images of the same quality can be difficult to find and pricey to use for your business. If you run a small business or website, you might not have the money to shell out for stock photos. In some cases, a single image can equal an entire month of revenue for these smaller sites. This is why you should use free stock images.

What Are Stock Images?

Stock images are pictures taken by professional photographers put online for people to use as they wish. While most sites charge for these photos there are free options. Stock photos can be generic images of an office or a business meeting, or specific to certain landmarks and cities. When you use a stock image you have commercial rights to the image.

What Are Stock Images Used For?

Most people use stock photos for website content. If you don't have your own photos you may use generic office photos instead. Some people use them for blog headers or articles they're writing. Others may use them for video projects, documentaries, and even business presentations. You can use stock pictures anywhere you'd use a traditional photo.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites

There are numerous sites with free stock images out there, but these ones have a wide selection:


The largest free stock photo site with over 100 categories to choose from.


A large collection of high resolution photos.


Includes an option to download all photos at once.


Stock images of different types of food. Stock images are very useful, and it's easy to find free stock images. They can be used for websites, business sites, and even commercial sites.  You get the commercial rights for the pictures and don't have to pay royalties.