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Vademecum on Roofing Services: Cleaning, Repairs, Replacement

Roof maintenance is an essential part of home ownership. Not only is the roof an absolutely vital part of the...

R oof maintenance is an essential part of home ownership. Not only is the roof an absolutely vital part of the house, but it can also be costly if not maintained properly. Roofing services are of course a great way to handle your roof replacement, roof cleaning, and roof repair needs. But, what exactly do they do?

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning roofs, especially tile roofs, is an essential part of roof maintenance. It makes the roof look nicer, but it will also inevitably lead to finding any issues there are, and allow you to fix them before they get out of control. With tiles, it’s particularly important because things that grow on the tiles can cause them to break down. It can be a good idea to leave roof cleaning to the professionals, as they have the expertise and equipment to do it safely. But, if you’re going to do it yourself, you should know your options. Low-pressure pressure washers can work, but they won’t penetrate into the tile and kill everything like using a chemical cleaner will. How often to do it? That will really depend on your roof and the weather in your area. Consult a local roofing company for further information.

Roof Repair

It’s important to stay on top of roof repair to ensure small problems don’t become large ones. If caught early enough, many problems are easily remedied, like with tree limbs, for example. Tree limbs rubbing on your roof in the wind can cause the shingles to wear away. Shingles can also be damaged by hail and strong wind. The flashing, which is the stuff that seals around items like chimneys, can also become detached or damaged. Pooling water is a sure sign something is not right. Doing your own roof repair is possible. Due to the high cost of mistakes, and potential dangers of working on roofs, it’s generally best left to the professionals.

Roof Replacement

Even if you stay on top of roof cleaning and roof repair, eventually you’ll have to deal with roof replacement. Signs to look for that indicate things are nearing the end, are lots of curled shingles, a sagging roof, spots where the granules are wearing away, and if it just looks unsightly. This is a particularly large undertaking, and should almost always be left to a roofing service.