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A Guide To Free Stock Images

Whether you’re writing a blog, running a marketing campaign or want to use images for your social media it’s important to ensure you aren’t breaching any copyright laws. You can do this by sourcing free stock images.

What Are Free Stock Images?

Free Stock Images are royalty free, meaning anyone has permission to download and use them. For small businesses, finding the perfect icons to represent your company can be pricey, but free stock images have no royalty fees or download costs.

Why You Should Use Them

It’s true, a picture says 1000 words. Blogs, businesses and even social media can look empty without images to compliment your words. Free stock images save you money, and while they used to be low quality there are now thousands available online of a high quality.

Many people think purchasing stock photos will ensure other businesses are unlikely to use them. This isn’t the case and spending money on an image should only be necessary when there are no free stock photos to represent your business or blog. The only way to secure exclusive rights to photographs is to take them yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

There are many sites that offer free stock images, so it’s beneficial to check those first before committing to purchasing images.

Free Stock Photo Sites

  • StockSnap has a wide range of high resolution free images to choose from.
  • FoodiesFeed focuses on free stock images of various foods.
  • Picography has beautiful photographs for different uses.
  • Picjumbo has photos for both business and commercial use.

Free stock images are a great way to add a visual flair to your online content, so be sure to start using them.