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5 Great Activities to Do in Fuerteventura this Summer

Fuerteventura is the largest of the Canary islands in Spain and it's known for its vivid nightlife and spectacular nature....

F uerteventura is the largest of the Canary islands in Spain and it's known for its vivid nightlife and spectacular nature. It grew in popularity as many university students started coming here for holidays. Today, it's a popular tourist destination for people all over Europe. A visit to Fuerteventura is a great way to relax but enjoy fun activities at the same time. These are out top five:

1. Rock Café Fuerteventura

Considered one the the best places to eat and see music on the strip, Rock Café Fuerteventura is in the center of all the action in the nightlife of Fuerteventura. The food is affordable and the music is great. Kids can also eat here and get a taste of the nightlife.

2. Waikiki Beach Club

Located on the strip, this venue is rated the best beach club in the city. With amazing views of the ocean and some of the best milkshakes in town, it's great for hanging out both day and night.

3. Playa de Gran Tarajal

This beach is one of the most popular destinations on the island. Known for its active parties and university crowd, Playa de Gran Tarajal is a must see, even if just for a few hours. It's not as vibrant as other areas of the island.

4. Astronomical viewpoint Sicasumbre

There isn't a place like this anywhere in the world. Here, you can climb to a summit and view the Milky Way and you'll see more stars than you thought possible. It's also bike-friendly.

5. Lobos Island

This place is made for wildlife enthusiasts. Located just off the coast, this island features some of the world's rarest species of birds as well as unique species of fish and flowers. You can also see volcanic mounts. Fuerteventura is a popular holiday destination that has great nature to explore and an active nightlife. Consider taking a visit here either by yourself or with a loved one.