8 Spain vacation spots that are perfect for autumn

8 Spain vacation spots that are perfect for fall

Escape to sunny Spain this fall and delve into a culture that stretches back into the mists of time (Europe’s oldest city is in Southern Spain) while also remaining rich and vibrant in the present day. From the streets of Madrid to the stunning beaches of Tarifa, there are so many brilliant spots to spend your holidays in Spain in September 2018. Let us introduce you to 8 superb locations.

1. Tarifa: Spain’s most southerly point

Famous for the glorious opportunities for surfing on its sandy beaches, Tarifa is the most southern part of Spain. From here, you can take a ferry to Tangier in less than an hour if you want to hop from Spain to Africa. Or, just relax and enjoy Tarifa’s brilliant bars and restaurants.

2. Cadiz: ancient seat of learning

The streets of Cadiz are lined with trees that are thousands of years old. The white buildings are a gorgeous sight to behold and the beaches are to die for. Make sure to ascend the town’s ‘mirador’ to enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view. Attractions include the stunning cathedral and the beautiful old town square.

3. Seville: carnival time!

Hope to an amazing annual carnival, Seville (or Sevilla in Spanish) is the perfect place to see some Moorish culture. Check out the Alcazar in the town center: an ancient Moorish palace that was designed with exquisite geometry. Seville’s cathedral is also well worth checking out, whilst sitting in the atmospheric square and enjoying some tapas is highly recommended of course.

4. Barcelona: the lure of Catalonia

Brush up on your Catalan and be prepared to experience one of the best beaches in the world. While in Barcelona, and between sessions on the beach and out in the city’s incomparable night life, it is essential that you visit the city’s unique cultural attractions, such as the Sagrada Familia cathedral designed by no less than the world famous painter Gaudi.

5. Madrid: the majestic capital city

So many holidays in Spain in September 2018 will begin or end in Madrid, or will make this city their focal point. And it’s so easy to see why. From the beautiful Retiro Park with its exquisite rose gardens to the amazing Prado Museum and the Reina Sofia where Picasso’s Guernica is held… you could easily spend months in Madrid and still not exhaust its cultural possibilities.

6. The Almeria’s desert zone

If you fancy something a little more adventurous, then why not take a 4×4 out into the driest zone in all of Europe: the Tabernas desert in the Almeria region? Make sure that you are prepared before embarking on your epic question and check out the various guided tours that are available. You may be interested to know that this is Europe’s only true desert and it was where several classic films were shot, including Indiana Jones.

7. The forests of Galicia

Galicia in northern Spain is home to some absolutely beautiful forests, and many of them are thousands of years old. If you are seeking prime hiking territory then you will certainly find it when you decide to make Galicia your holiday destination. While in the northern region of the country, you also have the prime opportunity to visit historic northern towns and cities such as Salamanca – an ancient university town with a world famous building made of shells (the Casa de las Conchas).

8. The vibrant Canary Islands

Take a short flight out across the ocean and touch down in the gorgeous Canaries. The Canary Islands are famed for their summer donkey racing festival and of course for their unparalleled beaches. Think pine forests, stretches of white sand, volcanic mountains and more. If you adore a heady mix of socializing and water sports, swimming, sunning yourself and generally enjoying the atmosphere as the sea crashes in the foreground, then what better place to book a vacation? The two key islands here are Tenerife and Palmas, though there are smaller islets to explore as well if you want to excuse yourself from the hustle and bustle of the crowd for an afternoon.