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The Latest Updates on River Cruises Itineraries

Feel like embarking on a river cruise? There are some fantastic options to choose from, but do you know what...

F eel like embarking on a river cruise? There are some fantastic options to choose from, but do you know what you can look forward to on the way? Here are important updates to the most popular river cruises.

Rhine River Cruise

The Rhine is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, and cruises let you tour some of Europe's most fascinating countries. Most Rhine cruises begin in Basel, Switzerland, then move on to the Black Forest in Breisach.

The relaxed atmosphere of Amsterdam is also on the agenda, where you can enjoy drinking and eating in the local cafes. You'll also visit the unique city of Strasbourg and stop in Cologne. Rhine river cruises are perfect for people that enjoy cultural trips.

Danube River Cruise

Danube river cruises are similar to the Rhine options, and travel around some of Europe's most famous sites. Stop at stunning Austria, and see one of the world's most beautiful countries. Danube cruises also stop at Romania and Budapest.

Nile River Cruises

There's nothing like a cruise along the most famous river in the world. The Nile has stunning scenery, and takes you through Egypt. Stop in Luxor and see the Valley of The Kings and Karnak Temple. You'll also see some of Aswan's famous sites along the way.

Mekong River Cruise

Mekong river cruises travel between Vietnam and Cambodia, to give you a taste of Asia. Most cruises start off in Hanoi, where you can shop at the markets. Other stops take you to the Khmer Temple, Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh city.

Mississippi River Cruise

The Deep Southern USA combines history and culture with some fantastic food. With so many monuments dedicated to the Civil War, there's plenty to see. Visit Memphis, the home of Blues and stop at New Orleans. Mississippi River Cruises are perfect for music lovers!