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The Future of Formula 1

With so many changes coming to Formula One, many are questioning the future of this beloved sport. Its popularity in...

W ith so many changes coming to Formula One, many are questioning the future of this beloved sport. Its popularity in Europe has been huge but many are noticing that popularity is slipping. Grid Girls One of the most surprising changes to formula one is that they are getting rid of the ‘grid girls’ and replacing them with children. This controversial move sparked outrage in the F1 community as the grid girls were as iconic as the american football cheerleaders. The new grid kids will be chosen by lottery through various youth organizations. The winners will get to stand next to the drivers before races, depending on the race. Safety is a concern here but the organization assures the children will be safe during the opening ceremonies. Environmental issues Fossil fuels have been known to damage the environment, but in F1, there has always been complaints about major changes in the landscape wherever the race is held. When  McLaren Racing team became a carbon neutral company, they promised to bring big environmental changes to F1. Right now, many are unsure what those will be. New Owner One of the biggest changes is the new owner of F1. John Malone, the American billionaire, will be the new owner of formula one after his company purchased a 35% stake for 4.4 billion dollars. The remaining stakes will be held by Bernie Ecclestone What’s next? Many younger people in Europe seem to be losing interest in formula one and have turned to other sports. Outside of Europe, this sport never seemed to catch on. But now an American billionaire is the owner, so it is possible that he may attempt to bring F1 to the United States. In recent years, F1 has actually been gaining a lot of traction in Asia. China, Singapore, and Japan have staged races and it seems to be taking off in these new markets. Many people are wondering about the future of our beloved F1. In truth, there are a lot of changes coming and many people are not yet sure how they feel. It is possible that these changes needed to be made to help the organization grow.