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Soccer On Cricfree

Having a website where you can stream all your favorite sports is a dream come true for any lover of...

H aving a website where you can stream all your favorite sports is a dream come true for any lover of sports. Well, this is the dream that Cricfree soccer came to fulfill. It started as a free site where lovers of cricket could catch all the games live at no fee at all. The site has links to various stations like Sky Sports, both 1 and 2. To access it, the user can search for the website online and select the link that you wish to watch on that day. The links then redirect you to the TV channel that is showing the soccer match at that particular time.

Chatting While Watching Soccer

One of the features that make Cricfree soccer more intriguing than other streaming sites is the chat space. The site provides room for the viewers to chat while watching the game. This way, even if you are alone, you can interact with other soccer lovers online and share your comments on the ongoing game. The chat space will also help you to get information on the best betting options before you place your bet. However, the chat is not without chat rules which caution members against posting private information and bullying other members.

Troubles With the Law

In 2014, the management of Cricfree found themselves on the wrong side of the law for what is termed as stealing intellectual property. The domain name was seized by the UK police causing the site to disappear for a while. This did not, however, affect the site because a few hours later, the place was up and running using a different domain name. It appeared the owner had not received any prior information from the police or the registrar of the site. While the legality of Cricfree soccer continues to be questioned, the fans continue to use this site to keep in touch with the latest games.