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Pros and Cons of Conference Calls

Conference calls can be a very useful business tool, but when run poorly, they can be a real cause for...

C onference calls can be a very useful business tool, but when run poorly, they can be a real cause for annoyance. Here is our rundown of the pros and cons of conference call software.

Advantages of Conference Calls

Instant Communication with all  Team Members
Conference calls enable the user to communicate with all members of a team or project. Depending on the capacity of the conference call software, the host can add as many participants as necessary. Hence, conference calling software can facilitate all-hands meetings.

Avoiding Lengthy Email or Chat App Exchanges
Writing emails and chats can be tedious, especially when there is massive information to be shared. A conference call brings all the members together in one room. The conference rooms have tools that enable each member to contribute and to pass information to the group.

Where the Project Members are not Available to Meet in Person
Some projects require collaboration by people in different geographical regions. Moreover, due to globalization and the need to outsource some services, companies have been forced to operate numerous overseas companies. Conference call is useful in facilitating meetings between overseas departments and managers.

Disadvantages of Conference Calls

Frequent Connectivity Issues
Most modern conference calls are handled via the internet. This requires strong Wi-Fi connectivity. In areas with poor connectivity, the calls may not be successful. Hence, the sharing of information over the conference call software becomes problematic.

Difficulty Presenting Material
Conference call software generally offers video and audio calls. They often lack additional functions for sharing files and documents. The participants are forced to present the materials orally. This can be difficult, especially when sharing large pieces of information.

Audio Quality
Internet voice or video calls are not perfect. Sometimes, they are characterized by poor audio quality or weird noises which distort the words. This phenomenon can lead to miscommunication among participants.