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How to Make a Conference Call Run Smoothly

To make a successful conference call, set a clear agenda and stick to it, develop an action plan, send invitations...

T o make a successful conference call, set a clear agenda and stick to it, develop an action plan, send invitations early, use visual aids, and know your location.

Set a Clear Agenda

Setting a clear agenda is important because it gives direction to the meeting. Before the meeting begins, the host must send the agenda items to the participants so that they prepare adequately, especially for those who are expected to give presentations in the meeting. This helps to save on time and to make scheduling easier.

Stick to the Agenda

Once the agenda is set, it is imperative that all the participants stick to it. Conference call meetings are usually timed; hence, each presentation ought to take the shortest time possible. Moreover, the information given must be accurate and relevant to the meeting.

Develop an Action Plan

Make sure to develop a clear plan for how to act on the topics discussed during the call. Each member of the project team is usually assigned specific duties and roles. During the meeting, they are invited to present information pertaining to these roles and duties. Hence, each conference call meeting should be followed by a clear strategy on how to move on to the next milestone.

Inform Participants Early

Like any other meeting, invitation to the conference call must be done early and with a reasonable timeframe. This notification can be done over email and should be accompanied by a meeting schedule and the list of items to be discussed. The reason for this is to give the members ample time to prepare.

Use Visual Aids

Visual aids make communication easy, especially where there is background noise. Moreover, they help simplify large bulk of information which is then passed quickly to the participants.

Know Your Location

Internet connectivity is important to a successful conference call meeting. The participants ought to be notified early so that they can arrange to be in locations with strong connectivity.