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Card Readers that Integrate with Your Phone

If you operate a small business or market stall, it can be well worth your while to find a card...

I f you operate a small business or market stall, it can be well worth your while to find a card payment solution with a small footprint. Here is a list of some card readers which integrate with your phone for maximum convenience.

iZettle Card Reader

iZettle Card Reader is a wireless mobile card payment system. It works with the iZettle app which can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone. This service charge no monthly fees, except for a 1.75% rate for card transactions. The card reader is convenient since it allows the user to take card payment at the point of sale. Therefore, you are able to undertake product management and to track sales.


Square is a financial service that enables the users to accept payment from credit cards at the point of sale. The service comes with a square reader that plugs into the iPhone or iPad. The reader is enabled by a user-friendly app. Square charges no monthly fees except for transactional fees. The fees vary-between 2.75 percent and 3.75 percent-depending on the transactions.

SumUp (Payleven)

SumUp is a card reader that allows users to receive payment through credit cards at flat card rates. It is a low cost chip card payment system. The card reader works with an easy-to-use app. SumUp charges a fee of 1.69 percent for every transaction. It does not charge monthly fees.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here is a mobile payment solution that enables you to accept payment from multiple sources. The payment process is secure, instant, and simple. There are no monthly fees. The transaction fee is 2.7 percent while cross-border transactions will attract additional charge of 4.2 percent.

WorldPay Zinc

WorldPay Zinc is a card reader with an accompanying mobile app. It uses network connectivity and accepts all the major credit cards. The transactional fees can go as low as 1.95 percent. However, the standards charge rate is 2.75 percent. No monthly fees are charged on the card reader.