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5 Unexpected Flavours For Coffee Capsules

Coffee is a staple part of many individuals' routines and we've seen a surge in pod machines over the years....

C offee is a staple part of many individuals' routines and we've seen a surge in pod machines over the years. Not only are they convenient, but they also create our favourite blends from Costa, Starbucks and other coffee giants. Most brands in the UK have our favourite flavours, including Macchiato, Latte, Cappuccino, and subtle flavouring. However, our American cousins are known for their weird and wonderful coffee flavours. Here are five unexpected flavours for coffee capsules.


Baileys is one of the UK's best liqueur creams and Tassimo has a great Bailey's infused pod to offer. Its strong taste is popular with many and it's the perfect winter warmer.


If you haven't heard of Halo coffee capsules then check them out. Their unique blends are strong in flavour and taste. The Daterra Moonlight combines caramel, pecan, dried cherries and spicy chocolate with coffee. Halo also has other blends which combine berries, nuts, chocolate, and other ingredients. Their pods are fully degradable.

Lavazza Organic

Lavazza makes stunning coffee blends that give you a taste of the natural environment they come from. Their coffee pods are full of flavour and come in some unique blends. Try them to sample the biscuit, chocolate and nut essences.


Iced coffee is popular in the summer, and there are loads of companies that miss out on fulfilling the need for a tasty iced treat. However, Nespresso Ispirazone is designed to be mixed with ice for a full-bodied iced drink.

Toast Coffee

If you like strong coffee then try the range of Toast Coffee Pods. Their flavours are symbolic of the places they were grown, and the top selling ranges include Rwanda, Colombia, Brazil, and Sumatra.