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Why Active Network Monitoring Matters

Why Active Network Monitoring Matters

With the increasing complexity of modern day wireless networks, active network monitoring matters more than ever. Active network monitoring is a process that involves real-time testing and reporting of network availability and performance. It tests the actual network routes and applications with real traffic; making it more precise, and useful in detecting problems in order to troubleshoot and optimize. Below, we discuss the reasons why you should use active network monitoring software.

Proactive Alerting

Many factors, including configuration and environmental issues, human error, etc. influence network outages. With features like device health status, network traffic analysis; a suitable network monitoring software can help you stay ahead of issues and prevent outages in the first place.

Faster Troubleshooting

The in-depth reporting features of network monitoring tools help to get to the bottom of a problem faster. It also offers restoration and other troubleshooting features in an easily accessible interface. All of these features results in swift resolutions to the problems that causes network failures.

Tackling Security Threats

To ensure maximum security for your network, you may need to have intrusion detection software. However, a network monitoring software can still work as the first layer of your network security. With real-time traffic monitoring, it’s quite easy to detect any unusual behaviour such as a sudden spike in traffic levels. You can also figure out when and what devices are behaving suspiciously.

Future Planning

Active network monitoring software can analyse the historical performance of network equipment and can deliver an immediate report on investment (ROI). This detailed performance analysis, along with the location mapping can help in planning for the future upgrades.

Finally, with access to cloud computing and interoperability over multi-domain infrastructure; active network monitoring can be hugely beneficial in operating a highly-scalable network system.