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The Top Five E-Learning Softwares

The Top Five E-Learning Softwares

Education is a rapidly changing field. With the availability of great e-learning software, more and more companies are shifting towards online training. Below, we discuss the top five e-learning software based on their ease of use, scalability and the quality of services.

Elucidat: A cloud-based tool – Elucidat offers high-quality learning with easy collaboration. It has powerful design tools with a great collection of templates, along with a range of interactive and analytical tools. A dedicated support team also comes as part of the package. However, it doesn’t have video creation functionality.

Adobe Captivate: This is a monthly subscription based software available for both Mac and Windows computers. It has a traditional layout similar to PowerPoint slides, with a familiar interface to change themes, colours, fonts, etc. It also has the ability to create a virtual reality experience.

Articulate Storyline: This is another e-learning software with a similar interface to PowerPoint. Therefore, it doesn’t need any additional know-how to create learning materials. It also has a massive content library and about 4.5 million photos, illustration, videos and animation.

Gomo: Slightly different than above-mentioned software on our list, Gomo offers a web-style layout. It is also cloud-based, making it easily accessible from anywhere. It also has an option that makes the process of offering multi-language courses much easier. The availability of an offline mobile app doesn’t hurt either.

Lectora: One of the pioneers of e-learning software, Lectora has both a Windows-based software and a cloud-based software. It is also great for screen capture and simulation, along with importing PowerPoint presentations. The learning curve can be a bit steep though.