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Top UK Gas and Electric Suppliers

Top UK Gas and Electric Suppliers

Read this article to discover the cheapest and most convenient gas and electric suppliers in the UK.

British Gas

British Gas is the largest gas and electric supplier in the UK, with a total of 15 million customers. Because of its large customer base, it places a high emphasis on customer service. They have a reputation for responding promptly and with a high level of professionalism to customer queries. One down side is that they do have relatively high prices compared to other suppliers.

Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy provides gas and electricity services to both homes and businesses. The company tariffs are transparent and fair  Bristol Energy also collaborates with communities to develop local renewable energy projects. According to the latest Trustpilot review, its rating score stands at 7.3.

Scottish Power

With a portfolio of more than 5 million customers, Scottish power is undoubtedly one of the top gas and electric suppliers in the UK. Customer reviews indicate that Scottish Power has an excellent customer care. The company also offers the YourEnergy App to allow customers to monitor their energy usage and adjust their tariffs.


nPower has a digital gas and energy meter that allows the users to take control of their power. It is among the top six biggest gas and electric suppliers in the UK. However, Like British Gas, nPower has recently had trouble with its consumers who complain of very high tariffs charged by the firm.


Gazprom is arguably one of the largest gas supplies in the world, boasting of 17 percent of the total global supply. It also supplies electricity services to many countries. It is also one of the cheapest gas and electricity suppliers in the UK. For instance, the Gazprom customers can save up to 40 percent on their bill’s worth as compared to the other energy firms in the UK market.