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Tips for Moving Overseas

Tips for Moving Overseas

Once the excitement of moving overseas fades away, anxiety creeps in. From preparing the documents, to packing the bags – it is an overwhelming affair. However, our tips for moving overseas can be hugely beneficial to set you up for a great start.

Save Enough Money

While moving overseas, it is wise to have enough savings to cover the expenses of minimum six months. The estimate should include – visa fees, plane fares, housing and transport, food and emergency, etc.

Renew Your Passport

While a valid passport is a must, many the countries also require the passport to remain valid six months beyond your return date. So check your passport and apply for a renewal if needed.

Apply for a Visa

The requirements for a visa vary according to the destination and the country you are originating from, the type of visa, etc. So research carefully and apply for a visa after fulfilling the requirements.

Plan for Health Care

Research extensively about the health care system and the type of coverage you may need while abroad. You should also pack enough supplies of prescribed medicines, if you need any.

Shipping vs. Storage

Doing some research on shipping expenses and the costs of buying necessary utensils is a great way to decide whether to ship your belongings or store them where they are. You can also consider selling your items.

Language & Culture

Learning the language or at least a few basic words can go a long way to help you settle into your new surroundings. Also, the more you know about social etiquettes and culture, the more at ease you will be.