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How Should You Host Your Server?

How Should You Host Your Server?

In the age of the internet, many businesses require some form of server hosting. Therefore, as a business owner, you may occasionally find yourself thinking about which type of hosting is most suitable for your business. As there are a few options available to choose from, let’s find out which is which.

Hosting Your Own Server

This is the most expensive option for server hosting. It requires the owner buy and set up all the equipment like computer, storage, bandwidth, and so on. It also needs dedicated space and IT experts for maintenance and security.

Despite these issues, hosting your own server offers the highest amount of control over your data and speed. It is also essential if you require dedicated hosting for your e-commerce or other high-end websites.

Colocation Centre

Colocation is a data centre service that rents space to house your server equipment in a maintained storage facility. For an agreed service fee, a colocation centre will fulfill bandwidth, power and security needs, although you will need to arrange maintenance of your server infrastructure yourself. If you need a cost-effective and scalable dedicated hosting, renting a colocation service is the option for you.

Managed Shared Hosting

If you don’t need a lot of data and bandwidth, managed shared hosting is the option to go for. It is the least expensive server hosting services available in the market. By definition, this is a service provided by the hosting companies where you share a server with other businesses. A good starting point with limited control, this is not the most reliable hosting options.