Finding a Cheaper Gas and Electric Supplier

Finding a Cheaper Gas and Electric Supplier

Looking for cheaper gas and electricity can be difficult because of the numerous companies in the market. Unfortunately, there is no secret other than to compare the tariffs and prices for various gas and electric suppliers. This article highlights a few of the cheaper gas and electric service options in the market.

Utility Point

Started in 2017, Utility Point is relatively new in the market. The company has set one of the lowest market prices because of the need to establish itself in the market and to create customer loyalty.

Avro Energy

Like Utility Point, Avro Energy is also new in the market. The company was established in 2015. The company relies on operational efficiency to provide the consumers with low energy costs. Their strategy is to keep the marketing and the overhead costs as low as possible.

Angelic Energy

Angelic Energy is one of the gas and electric suppliers that offer clients affordable costs of energy. It operates only in the London area as of the time of publication.

Flow Energy

Flow Energy provides homes with some of the world’s most advanced heating systems at lower prices. The company has cut a niche for itself as a leading provider of technologically advanced gas and electric heating systems.

So Energy

So Energy operates the “low price policy”. It has a fixed tariff for all its home users. The billing system is honest, transparent, and simple for the users.

People’s Energy

David Pike founded this company with Karin Sode through a successful crowdfunding campaign. They promised to give back 75 percent of the profit back to the customers in the form of lower tariffs.

Bristol Energy

The company started operating in the Bristol and southwest area before going nationwide. Bristol Energy is committed to providing fair and transparent prices to customers.