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The Best Web Apps for Conference Calls

The Best Web Apps for Conference Calls

This article compares the key features and services offered by a number of top conference call apps.


UberConference provides the user with a powerful, efficient, and easy option for scheduling and running audio conferences. It is available as an iOS app as well as a web version. The app is able to highlight the individuals contributing at any moment during the conference. It does this by checking out the details of all the participants before the call begins. UberConference also enables the user to save the calls for future reference.


Skype is a software application that uses a webcam to enable communication between two or more users. The communicating devices must be connected to to the internet. Skype is one of the most popular videoconferencing softwares on the market. A single Skype video conference call can facilitate a meeting of 25 people at once.


Zoom uses cloud-computing software to provide conferencing facilities. The software is fitted with tools that can enable chats, video conferencing, mobile collaborations, and online meetings. Unlike Skype, a Zoom video conference call can host up to 100 participants at the same time. The Zoom free version offers 40 minutes of audio and video conference. For additional features, the user must upgrade their Zoom subscription.

Google Hangout

A Google Hangout video conference meeting is easy to set up and to run. The app allows the host to record information which is then stored in the Google Drive. All participants will be notified that the conference is being recorded. The calls are charged on the participants and the host.


GoToMeeting offers both audio and video conference calls free of charge. One only needs a device fitted with webcam and internet connectivity. Similar to Skype, GoToMeeting video call can host up to 25 individuals at once.