The Best POS Software Systems

The Best POS Software Systems

The best POS software systems are those that make the payment process and order processing more convenient. Here are some of our favourites.

Square POS

Square is an order and payment flow system that is run by app. The Square POS system processes transactions in an instant. Hence, it enables the business owner to manage customers, and by extension the entire business process, by phone. It guarantees a credit card processing system with no monthly charges on the user. For every credit card transaction, a flat credit card rate is charged. The flat rate transaction charge includes customer’s bank, merchant account processor, and credit card company fees.

Lightspeed POS

Unlike Square POS, Lightspeed POS is cloud-based. Therefore, the user can access the system in any location and at any particular time. The minimum monthly fee is £78 in a month. This amount covers access rights for five employee, customized onboarding, one register, free updates, basic reporting, omnichannel capabilities, secure cloud backup, and round-the clock support. The cloud-based solution ensures data security. For employees to access data, they must obtain express authorization from management. By putting this restriction, the POS protects sensitive data from ending up in the wrong hands.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is an easy-to-use application that enables a business owner to sell products at pop-ups, in-stores, and markets. All transactions are completed at the point of sale. This begins with order processing followed by payment acceptance. The application can be used with both iPhones and Android phones. Shopify POS enhances accountability by allowing the trader to print customer receipts and to send it to them through the email. Shopify POS comes in various options, with each option having an additional feature. The cost of installation depends on the functionalities as provided for in each of the options.