Tips to Use Pallet Racking Safely

Tips to Use Pallet Racking Safely

Pallet racking is a useful way to store goods in a warehouse. However, there is always the risk of accident with towering storage structures like pallet racking. So some extra attention is needed to ensure the safety of your workforce. Below we have listed a few important tips that can help to ensure the safe use of pallet racking and minimize the risk of accident.

Install Properly

Without proper installation no safety measures will prove useful. It starts with knowing which type of rack system you are using, and following the specific installation instructions for the type. Installing two anchors to hold each footplate is another essential thing to ensure maximum rack protection.

Ensure visibility

Good lighting is another essential for ensuring optimum performance and safety of pallet racking. First, determine the brightness level required, and then use the best distribution type to ensure even visibility in every single aisle of pallet racking.

Refrain from Overloading

No matter how strong you think the racks are, ignoring the recommended load specification can lead to a dangerous situation. So if you notice even a slight deflection gap on the racking tray, find another rack to use.

Train Employees

Employee training can go a long way to informing them about storage capabilities and safe usage of racking equipment. It can also help teach them to refrain from climbing up the racks and how to spot any early sign of damage.

Ensure Regular Inspection

Regular, scheduled inspection is an essential way to spot the warning signs such as a missing safety pin, deflection or dents on the racking pallets, etc. Make sure to take immediate action in any of these cases.