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Tips for a Good Marketing SMS

Tips for a Good Marketing SMS

SMS campaigns can be a great way to increase customer engagement. However, if not used effectively, they can do completely the opposite by becoming an annoyance to customers. Below, we discuss a few ways to use SMS marketing effectively.

Keep Messages Short and To the Point

SMS means short messaging service. You have 160 characters to say whatever you want to say. So keep your message clear and concise in order to get your message across.

Use a Strong Call to Action

Including a strong call to action makes the customer interact with your SMS and increase engagement. Some great examples include phrases like “Click Here”, “Show this text”, “Text to win”, etc.

Personalize Messages

Writing and sending a personalized message is a wonderful way to show how much you value your customer, and thus, can enhance customer loyalty.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Don’t leave your message open ended with nothing to look forward to. Rather, plan it in a way that will create a sense of urgency in the readers’ minds.

Use Short, Punchy Sentences

From billboards to TV adverts you see the use of short, punchy lines in advertising. So follow their lead, and refrain from using up your character count with one long sentence.

Avoid Text Speak

While using “text speak” like ROFL, LOL is popular, it doesn’t look professional at all in a marketing SMS.

Be Careful About Special Characters and Emoji

Just like text speak, using special characters/ emoji can make your SMS look unprofessional. Not all the phones support the same emoji either, which in turn, can make your SMS look ugly for some customers.