China : Best time of the Year for a Tour

China : Best time of the Year for a Tour

Which is the best time of the year for a China tour? Read this article to find out which months come with favorable weather.

Chinese Climate

Before embarking a tour of China, it is important to study its climate lest you have a bad experience. Being so large, the Chinese climatic conditions vary from region to region. In the northeast, where Beijing sits, the winters are biting cold and the summers are dry and hot. The central and the northern regions, where Chengdu is located, have hot summers and cold winters with frequent bouts of rains. The summer season is between May and August, while the winter is between November and February. The cold winters hamper many outdoor activities. According to the government’s tourist reports, winter seasons record the lowest number of visitors.
Hong Kong is generally, rainy, humid, and hot. The hottest months in Hong Kong are between June and September. Typhoons-which disrupt many outdoor activities-are very common in September. Hong Kong does not experience cold winters.

The Best Time to Visit China

To derive the maximum fun in China, it is important to know the best time of the year to visit. Having assessed the annual weather patterns, is seems the best time to arrange a China tours is during the summer season. According to the government tourist data, the number of foreign visits to mainland China is highest between September and October. This is because of the friendly summer weather which encourages many outdoor activities. Going by government data, if you want to visit the most attractive places and enjoy exhilarating outdoor activities in the mainland, then September or October is the month. For Hong Kong, the best time is between October and December.