Must-See in Peru

Must-See in Peru

Peru has so much to offer travellers, including great archaeological sites and the Amazon rainforest. Therefore, planning a trip to Peru can be an overwhelming experience. To ensure you don’t miss out from any of the great sights, read our on to find our recommendations.


The capital of the Incas, which was later taken over by the Spanish, it is the home of Sacsayhuaman. Located high in the Andes; it is also a city of unmatched, picturesque splendor and some of the most authentic Peruvian food.

Inca Trail

What could be more amazing than walking through the trails used by one of the most ancient civilizations! It is an exciting 4D3N, 40 km trail up the mountains which is fringed by lush greenery, steep mountain forests, and landscapes dotted with old ruins. It will also lead you to the next attraction on our list!

Machu Picchu

What can we say about Machu Picchu that you don’t know already? The famous Inca ruins surrounded by mountain peaks have seduced many thousand people around the world for centuries and is probably the number one thing on your bucket lists.

Nazca Lines

Often considered as one of the most ancient artworks, these geometric and animal shaped lines have mesmerized both academics and non-experts with their beauty and mystery. So take a plane ride and enjoy it from up close.

Parque Nacional Manu

The best national park in Peru is the place to satisfy your Amazonian wanderlust. With exotic animals, virgin jungles and beautiful lakes, this is a dream for any adventurer.