Best UK Insurers for Photographers

Best UK Insurers for Photographers

Are you considering buying photographer liability insurance? Here are three insurance providers you should probably consider.

Markel Direct

Market Direct is one of the leading companies in the UK offering photographer liability insurance. It has a reputation for providing high-quality service and value for money. Markel Direct has affordable payment plans of as little as £5 in a moth. It charges no hidden fees, and provides 24-hour legal support, and quick claim processes. However, it does not cover claims of errors and omissions which are very common in the photography business.

Towergate Insurance

Towergate Insurance Company provides a wide range of insurance services intended for photography business. It specializes in expert service for multimedia firms and professional and non-professional photographers. Its services include media use of camera-mounted drones, video and photo cameras damages and losses, and photographer liability insurance. The firm adheres to both EU and global standards, and has efficient claim services, and first payments. The main disadvantage of this firm is that its services are expensive, especially for non-professionals.

HISCOX Insurance Company

HISCOX has long experience in providing photography-related insurance services in the UK. It has received numerous awards for its excellent service in this sector. The firm has insured many leading multimedia companies in the UK. HISCOX’s photographer liability insurance service is relatively affordable and has a flexible payment plans. Moreover, it is designed for both professional and non-professional photographers.