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Live in Care: What to Expect

Live in Care: What to Expect

Are you wondering how to juggle your career and other obligations with taking care of your elderly parent at home? Read this article to understand what live in care is all about.

Providing Personal Care

Live in care is a special service where older citizens are cared for in their homes. There are certain duties that people lose capacity to perform when they reach old age or fall sick. Live in carers help to run errands such as buying groceries, doing the dishes, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and ironing. The caregiver acts on behalf of family members who are unable to provide 24-hour care. In short, a live in carer enables your loved one to maintain a comfortable standard of living at home when they can no longer manage all the work that entails.

Providing Care in a Familiar Environment

The main advantage of live in care is that it allows your loved one to stay in a familiar environment. The caregiver, in collaboration with family members, provides the patient with one-on-one specialized care that meets his or her specific needs. For instance, the caregiver provides companionship to the patient when the loved ones are away. He or she is tasked with housekeeping and cleanliness in the home. In addition, the caregiver offers personal care such as administering medicine, feeding, and bathing the patient.

Accomodating the Carer

Since the live in carer acts as a companion to the patient, the family must arrange for his or her accommodation, food, and personal care. This individual is committed to monitoring the patient round-the-clock. He or she is also trained in the necessary nursing skills to provide for the immediate nursing needs of the patients. As they execute their duties, your responsibility is to guarantee their comfort.