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Reducing Your Gas and Electric Bill

Reducing Your Gas and Electric Bill

Many gas and electric suppliers have released apps and services to help consumers monitor their gas and electric consumption. Nevertheless, many people still grapple with reducing high power bills. To lower your gas and electric consumption bills, you must change your consumption habits. Here are our suggestions for bringing down the bill.

Minimize Energy Use

Reduce your thermostat to a level that is enough to provide necessary heat. Avoid high thermostat levels when you can. Turn off the home heating system when you are outdoors. Try to turn off all equipment and appliances that are not in use. Install a self-regulating radiator valve so that you can control the temperature of each room. Finally, minimize the use of personal heaters except in instances where it cannot be avoided.

Changing Your Habits at Home

If you are using forced air, ensure that interior doors and vents are open. This helps to enhance the flow of air and consequently saves energy. Meanwhile, exterior doors and windows should remain shut. Third, install insulated panels to cover the windows, or, if that is not possible, use plastic film insulation to cover the windows. Wear warm clothing in the house and use cold water to wash your clothes. Most importantly, blinds must remain closed at night and open in the day.

Regular Home Maintenance

Regularly service all your electric and gas appliances. Seek help from your gas and electric supplier in this area. Ensure that your home is adequately insulated. Inspect the air filters and the furnace regularly to ensure they are working at maximum efficiency. Finally, get a professional to seal all your air ducts.