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Data Mining Programs: Our Top Five

Data Mining Programs: Our Top Five

Data mining programs can be invaluable for extracting insights from existing databases. If you are looking for a data mining program, the following five are worth your consideration.

Oracle Data Mining

Oracle Data Mining is part of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Database Option. This program comes with a powerful algorithm for data mining and predictive analytics. ODM enables users to build and predictive models within the Oracle Database. It is useful in identifying target customers, fraud detection, creation of customer profiles, detecting anomalies, predicting customer behavior, and identifying potential market opportunities.


RapidMiner is a data science software that comes with machine learning, text mining, business analytics, data mining, and predictive analytics functions. The graphics user interface is downloadable and it comes with free license for all its users. All the applications are free and unrestricted for users.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a web-based document storage and management system and is integrated with Microsoft Office. The purpose of the program is to create a password-protected common file sharing platform. It is useful for offices where documents are shared across different levels of employees. SharePoint can be customized to suit the developmental needs of an organization.

IBM Cognos

Similar to Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Cognos is a web-based integrated business intelligence software. It comes with a tool set for creating scorecards, reporting, analytics, and monitoring events and metrics. The software components are designed to meet a company’s different information requirements. Due to its ease of use, users with little or no technical knowledge in data management can mine corporate data, and analyze and generate reports.


KNIME is an integrated data analytics, mining, and reporting platform. Through its data pipelining process, it is able to integrate data mining with machine learning. KNIME is a free open-source software. Therefore, upon downloading, you can customize it to you specific needs.