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The Costs and Benefits of Live In Care

The Costs and Benefits of Live In Care

Are you considering live in care for your aging parent? Read this article to learn more about the costs of live in care versus a care home.

Freedom to Live

Live in care is a personalized care service for the elderly with a number of benefits. Perhaps most importantly, live in care can allow elderly people to continue with the community programs and activities in which they already participate. The caregiver acts as a guide and companion in all activities. The aim is to guarantee the patient the freedom to live life in its fullness without the fear of hurting themselves or being stranded in the streets without support. Therefore, loved ones ought to commit to rewarding the caregiver sufficiently for all the time, commitment, and energy they put into ensuring patient safety and care.

Costs in Comparison

The costs of live in care are lower relative to residential care. Live in care in the UK costs between £ 110 and £ 275 per day for 24-hour care. On the other hand, residential care costs £ 310 per month plus additional costs for special services, meals, activities, and caregiver fees. Aside from the high costs of service, assisted community care also comes with restrictions on movement of the patients as well as the visits by the family members. Live in care may not be suitable for all patients, such as when the patient has complex health issues or dementia. However, where such issues are not in play, live in care may well be the best option for families that want to reduce costs while preserving the ability to enjoy happy moments with their loved ones.