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What is a Recovery Centre?

What is a Recovery Centre?

Commonly known as rehabilitation centres or rehab, recovery centres provide medical and psychotherapeutic treatment to aid recovery from addiction. As addiction comes in many different forms, so does recovery. Recovery centres aim to provide intensive support and care in an environment free of temptation and other distractions. Recovery centres may also refer to criminal rehabilitation.

How They Work

In general, admission to a recovery centre is a voluntary process. In some cases, it can also be forced by community or judicial order. Depending on personal preference, a patient can opt for either outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment in a residential facility. Once admitted, the process of recovery begins with a preliminary assessment of physical and mental health conditions.

What They Usually Offer

The key purpose of a residential recovery centre is to provide a temptation-free environment, away from home to support, nourish and heal the patient. Depending on the cost and other factors, a recovery centre usually offers:

  • On-site residential facilities supported by trained professionals to ensure happiness.
  • Detoxification program to clear the body from poisonous chemicals.
  • Intense physical and psychological therapies conducted by specialists to facilitate recovery.
  • Medication and nutrition programs to deal with withdrawal symptoms and post-therapeutic cravings.
  • Life skills therapies to bring a change in attitude, instill good habits and ensure smooth transition to the community.
  • Education, support, and encouragement to maintain physical and mental well-being after the period of intensive care.

How Long to Stay

Recovery is a lifelong process. However, depending on the type of addiction, response to treatment and other variables, a recovery centre usually offers treatment periods from 4 to 130 days.