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Self-Storage for Every Need

Self-Storage for Every Need

Except for some highly valuable items like gold and diamond jewelry, self-storage services can store just about anything. Different providers offer different solutions to both businesses and individuals. Let’s find out about the most common types of self-storage available in the UK.

Private Storage

Commonly used by students, military professionals and homeowners, this is a type of self-storage used to store personal belongings, important memorabilia, dormitory belongings, etc. With minimum unit size starting at 9-10 square feet, providers like Big Yellow, Shurgard, SafeStore, etc. are perfect for such storage needs. The minimum duration is usually 1 week.

All-Inclusive Storage

This is a relatively new self-storage service offered by companies like LoveSpace, SpaceWays, etc. You just need to order storage boxes from their website and pack your things in them. The rest, including pickup, transfer, and delivering of items back to you will be handled by the service providers.

Business Storage

Self-storage is suitable for all types of business – large or small alike. For small business needs, you can always use one of the facilities offered to individuals at no extra cost. If you need a much bigger space with warehouse facilities, you can also find that from companies like SafeStore, Big Yellow, etc. Access Self Storage even offers low-cost pickup and trucks for your transfer needs.

Climate Controlled Storage

If you need to store special items in a controlled temperature, there are some companies that provide climate and temperature controlled storage facilities. SpeedStore, Easistore and Conrail  are some of the best companies in this category.

Additionally, there are also car storage facilities to store your car for a set period of time.