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What to Expect from an Event App

What to Expect from an Event App

Whether it’s a free version or a premium version, you can get a lot done by using an event app. While there are some free options available, most event apps are freemium – meaning you can use some functionalities for free, while the more advanced options come for a premium. Let’s find out what to expect from an event app below:

Free Functionalities

Most free versions of event apps allow you to do a few things within a limited capacity. The most common free functionalities are:

  • Setting up an event and creating event registration forms up to a limited capacity. For example, 123FormBuilder allows up to 100 form submission per month for free.
  • Sending an RSVP-enabled or customized event invitation to your potential attendees for free.
  • Social media integration to promote your event is also free in most event apps.

Bonus Tip: If your event is free to attend, apps like Eventbrite and Ticketbud offer all of their functionalities for free. This includes additional features like customized widgets, email reminders, etc. You can also pass the fees for paid tickets on to the customer.

Premium Functionalities

While some open source event management systems allow for free reporting on attendees, most apps require a fee to use their advanced functionalities. These include:

  • A cleaner, better registration page free of ads.
  • Unlimited event creation, form submission and customized invitations.
  • Additional customisable features to help your event stand out from the crowd.
  • Advanced level integration with Google Analytics and other third-party software.
  • Attendee engagement tools like forums, check-in, etc., along with customer support before, during or after events.
  • Real-time analysis and reporting on attendance, demographics, and performance of promotional strategies.