The Best UK Life Insurance Providers

The Best UK Life Insurance Providers

Life insurance is intended to protect your family when you are no longer here – so it’s of paramount importance to find a reliable and cost-effective provider. If you are looking for life insurance, you could do worse than to buy from one of these providers.

Liverpool Victoria

With 5.8 million customers, Liverpool Victoria is the biggest insurer in the UK. The minimum age requirement is seventeen years, while the maximum age limit is fifty-nine for inflation-linked covers and seventy-nine for level or decreasing covers. Their maximum coverage is unlimited.


The UK section of the well-known American insurer offers insurance protection to both individuals and businesses. With a maximum term limit of seventy years, anyone aged between eighteen and eighty-eight can apply for their life insurance policies.


Founded in 1797, AVIVA is one of the most reliable life insurers in the UK. Their policies are offered to people aged between eighteen and eighty-nine years. They also have a very flexible terms ranging between one and fifty years.


This Scotland-based insurer offers their range of life insurance coverage all across the UK. For people aged between eighteen and eighty-nine they offer various terms lasting between one and fifty years.

Legal & General

Originally founded by  lawyers for the lawyers, Legal & General have become one of the leading financial institutes in the UK. Their life insurance policies have an age limit of eighteen to seventy-seven years, with a maximum term of fifty years available.

Every insurer usually has their full terms and conditions available online. So make sure you read and understand all the details before selecting a provider.