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Is an Event App Right for Your Event?

Is an Event App Right for Your Event?

Using an event  app is becoming increasingly popular among event organizers. While it has some major benefits, using an event app comes with some drawbacks, too. Below, we discuss the pros and cons of event apps to find out whether it’s worth using one.

The Pros

Makes Life Easier: Event apps help to simplify the registration and ticketing process so that you can concentrate on doing other things. It also doesn’t take a lot of resources to set up an an event page.
Easier Promotion: Many event apps come with the ability to create clickable widgets to be embedded on websites or social networks, which can be very useful to promote your events.
Improved Experience: By using an event app, you can create customized messages to keep attendees updated about different aspects of an event, such as major attractions, speakers, etc.
Increase Engagement: By providing a platform to discuss and share information, it helps to increase attendee engagement. You can also create real-time reports to analyse your event’s performance.

The Cons

Subscription Costs: The Majority of top event apps cost money to use, with some even charging an additional amount for each ticket sold.
Limited Design Options: Event management apps usually have a set template with limited customization, which can make your event page look pretty generic
Lack of Reach: Not many attendees may know about or be willing to download your event app, which can, in turn, negatively affect your total attendance.