Insurance for Freelance Hairdressers

Insurance for Freelance Hairdressers

Even if you work from home or on a freelance basis, there are some insurance policies to protect you from many unfortunate events.

Unlike salon owners employing hairdressers, a freelance hairdresser doesn’t legally need to have any insurance policy to practice their trade. As there aren’t a lot of assets at stake, freelance hairdressers often feel tempted not to bother with insurance. Still, there is always the potential for accidents, claims of compensation, or other legal expenses, so having insurance can prove to be a lifesaver.

Freelance Hairdresser Insurance

As the name suggests, this is a policy specifically designed for freelance hairdressers. It is a simple policy that provides cover for any potential public liability claims, along with indemnity against treatment risks. It also comes with standard product liability and equipment damage protection.

Public Liability Insurance

Even if you work from home, there is some danger associated with the trade. For example, your client may get a cut, or just trip over and damage their ankles while on your premises. These accidents can potentially incur huge fees in compensation and legal expenses. Having public liability insurance can remove these worries easily by protecting you against such third-party claims.

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

If you get sick as a solo hair-dresser and can’t work, you not only lose your income, but potentially also your clients. Moreover, as a self-employed person, you won’t have any sick pay to cover for your expenses. So having personal accident & sickness insurance can be a good idea to protect yourself from these types of unfortunate business interruptions.

Finally, if you are using your own car to travel to your clients, make sure your car insurance covers any damage incurred from business use.