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Five Great Free Games for Android

five great free games for android

Android app marketplaces are full of games – both free and paid for. While many of the most exciting games come at a cost, there are also some fantastic options available for free. To get you started, here is a list of five great free games for android available now.

Our Favourite Free Games

  • Alto’s Odyssey: After much fanfare as an iOS game, Alto’s Odyssey has been released to Android users. It’s a game with endless sand boarding through the deserts – jumping up rocky walls while exploring the ancient ruins. With beautiful graphics, this game is great to keep you busy over the long commute.
  • HQ Trivia: Perfect for intelligent people, HQ Trivia is a game show style game where everyone participates together in real time. Each round consists of 12 questions, with a 10 second timer. There are 12 games per week with the winners being awarded real money.
  • Pocket City: Somewhat similar to Sim City, Pocket City is a game that allows players to build a city with infrastructure, workplaces and entertainment. Great fun for architects and city planners, it even allows the players to generate reports about environmental impacts and general happiness.
  • Pokemon Go: The biggest game of 2016 remains a stellar option among the greatest free games of today. Popular as an exercise companion, the game allows players to explore the real world while catching Pokemon and finding Pokestops.
  • Infinite West: With brilliant graphics that resembles a traditional board game; Infinite West is a puzzle game where a Clint Eastwood/ John Wayne-esque lead character journeys through the exciting American West. A great game for western movie lovers!