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Best Platforms to Download Games

best platforms to download games

The internet is full of apps and game marketplaces for people to download games. Not every website provides the same quality of services or the same collections. Further, some offer PC games, while others offer smartphone games. Considering all this, below you can find our picks for the best platforms to download games.

Download PC Games

  • Steam: A go-to place for the PC games, Steam has all many features that make it one of the best game downloading platforms. With a great range of collections that often sell at discounted prices, it is trusted by gamers due to its virus-free games, safe transactions, great parental controls and free-to-use installer.
  • Kongregate: Featuring about 110,000 online games and more than 30 mobile games, Kongregate is one of the best platforms to play games. Users can also upload flash, HTML5, Java, Unity, etc. based games to their web portal. The platform is free-to-use with the option of premium membership.

Console and Phone Games

  • Nintendo Game Store: The official store of Nintendo offers gamers the chance to browse and buy their digital games online. It has an impressive collection of games available for all the Nintendo and Wii U consoles. Once bought, the games downloaded by themself.
  • App Store: While previously, it was possible to browse and download games through iTunes, this function has now moved to the App Store. There you can browse and download thousands of free and premium games for your iOS devices.
  • Google Play Store: Google’s answer to the App Store, the Google Play Store also has thousands of games exclusively for your android device. Its protection program scans each game to keep it virus free.