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Nail Trends: Find your Favourite Nail Shape

Abiby Nail Shapes

First impressions count and as our hands are one of the first things other people notice about us, they are like your business cards. So while it’s important to keep them hydrated and soft, you should also think about your fingernails. Whether you’re planning a trip to the manicurist or do your own nails, you’ll need to find the perfect shape. We’re here to show you the most popular nail shapes, so you can choose your favorite.

Abiby, Italian beauty box brand has created this easy to follow guide to find the best nail shapes.

Stiletto Shape

According to Superdrug, the stiletto is the biggest selling nail shape of 2018. Stilettos are characterised by their dramatic pointy shape and aren’t ideal for people with an active lifestyle.

Coffin Shape

If you’re a Kylie Jenner fan then you’ll be familiar with the coffin shape. Nails are founded at the base but have a flat tip. The coffin shape is similar to a square shape, and it’s easy to achieve with some filing.

Rounded Shape

The rounded shape is the easiest to maintain and remains the most popular. This shape looks great natural or paired with bold nail varnish and it’s very low maintenance. Most people go for rounded nails because they can easily do them at home.

Oval Shape

Oval nail shapes are similar to rounded nails, but they look more elegant. You’ll need to let your nails grow to achieve this look, then simply round the edges.

Squoval Shape

If you’re unsure whether you prefer the square or oval shape, then go for a happy medium. The squoval shape is rounded with defined edges and is perfect for novices. In fact, if beauty isn’t your thing you’ll probably naturally file your nails into a squoval shape.

Almond Shape

Almond shaped nails are popular among celebrities, probably because they can create the appearance of slim hands and extra length. This shape looks like the shape of actual almonds, meaning the nail is wide on the base and becomes slender on the side with a rounded tip.

Square Shape

Square shape nails are especially great for people with short nails. The nails have straight edges and a squared-off tip and there is no roundness whatsoever. When it comes to colors, square nails are most striking with bright and bold nail polishes.

Things to Remember

The most important thing to remember is to choose the shape that suits your daily lifestyle. There’s no point having coffin or stiletto shaped nails if you use your hands regularly. They’ll snap off or break, so go for an easier shape. Your nails can be subtle or a statement, the choice is yours

Abiby Nail Shapes