The best unusual Mother’s Day Gifts

young woman kissing her mother on the cheek on Mother's Day

Unlike other countries around the globe, the UK and Ireland celebrate Mother’s Day in March and not in May. It is the chance for all of us to show our mums how much we love and appreciate them. So, what better way to do that than with a thoughtful gift?

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Chocolate and flowers are the go-to gifts for Mother’s Day, but if you want to surprise your mum with something unusual, we have got you sorted. Below are some ideas for presents for Mother’s Day:

A Beauty Box Subscription

Who said mums do not love pampering? There is a wide variety of beauty box subscriptions at different prices to choose from, and you can get your mother a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription which means she will have a new beauty box at her doorstep every month!

A Name a Rose kit

If you still want to get something flowery for your mum, you can purchase a Name a Rose kit which comes with an unnamed variety of rose seeds that she will get to plant, grow and care for. When it blooms, she will choose the name for the rose bush and get a certificate of authentication.

Concert Tickets

A great gift for your mum and you to enjoy together would be concert tickets to see her favorite musician/band when they come to town. Just be on the lookout – those sell out fast!

If you want to splurge a little more on your favorite lady, a mini weekend holiday would be an ideal gift for your mum to unwind and relax away from her day-to-day responsibilities. Add a spa package and she’ll love you forever! Actually, she already does.