How to Use the AA Classic Route Planner

smartphone with map navigator app on the screen

Satellite Navigation systems have taken over our lives, but some people don’t enjoy using them. Regular updates, accompanied by the annoying robotic voice can ruin your journey. If you’re the type of person that enjoys listening to music as you cruise along the open road, then the AA Classic Route Planner is ideal for you.

What is The AA Classic Route Planner?

If you’re familiar with Google Maps, then the AA classic route planner won’t be difficult for you to use. It allows you to find directions to any destination, by using a starting point and end destination. The best thing about AA classic route planner is it works to find the most convenient route for you. This means it’s the safest and easiest route, not necessarily the quickest.

There are also many route options, including avoiding motorways. This makes it easier for new or nervous drivers to find a suitable route. The AA classic route planner also lets you pick a via point so you can make a stop along the way.

How To Use The AA Classic Route Planner

You can use the route planner on your computer or mobile phone. Simply enter the details of your destination and where you’re departing from, and the planner will do the work for you. If you want to avoid motorways or tolls, there’s a checkbox next to the destination box. You can zoom in to read the route on the map or follow the step by step directions. The AA Classic Route Planner also provides an estimated journey time.