3 Important Things To Consider Before Renting an Office Space

Modern office space with tables and chairs, computers and office supplies

Office space for rent is in high demand. Commercial real estate is at an all time high in the UK due to the number of growing businesses. Because of this growth, renting companies are making it easy to find the best office space for you and your business. When looking for spaces, there are three important things to keep in mind.


The first thing (and most important for many) is the cost. Office space can be essential for a business, but might be a luxury at the same time. However, don’t let the cost keep you from finding the space of your dreams as there are affordable options.


The second thing to be on the lookout for is the location. Choosing a space that’s convenient for you, your employees, and potential clients is important. Office space that makes things inconvenient can lower office morale and even discourage potential clients.


The office layout and architecture is an important thing. Some spaces have an open layout, while others have private offices. Sometimes facilities have several different companies sharing a common area with each one having their own private office spaces. Determine your needs before searching for an office.

Top 3 Office Space Renting Companies in the U.K.

1. The Work Place Company

Specific to London, this company will handle your office needs for you.

2. Occupa

Based in London, Occupa will find and negotiate the space of your dreams.

3. We Work

We Work is an agency that works in every major city in the UK and around the world.

Renting companies can help you find affordable office space for your business. A professional office will impress your clients and make meetings more professional. It’s also more convenient and private compared to meeting in a public place. Consider looking into office space for rent to grow your business.