What Are Live In Care Careers?

Care worker giving an old lady her dinner in her home

Home care is a fast growing market in the UK and there is a demand for people to become a carer. Live in Care centers house those who can’t properly take care of themselves. For those seeking a new career opportunity, consider a live in care job. There is always a need for those to provide live in care services and you can make a difference in your community.

What are Live in Care Services?

A person who provides live in care services either works at a care center or lives with an elderly person and helps take take care of their basic needs. This could include helping them eat, bathe, and walk around. Some care centers even offer entertainment.

What Does a Carer Do?

A carer provides live in care services. Some can work at a facility and provide these services during their shifts. Other carers live in with the person they take care of and provide work full time in exchange for housing and payment. You are responsible for feeding, bathing, and cleaning up. You may also run errands for them like picking up groceries.

How to Become a Carer

In order to become a carer, you need to first get certified. This doesn’t take as long as you may think and can just take a few weeks. After this, working as an intern or volunteering at a center can help you build up your resume and get work experience. Once you feel you can handle a full-time job in this field, you’re ready to apply and start interviewing.

Live in care is a growing field and individuals who are able to care for others are needed to help make a difference. Home care is a rewarding career and many who are interested in a live in care job should become a carer. Live in care services can mean helping care for the elderly or the disabled.