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Top 3 Cheap Broadband Plans

Speed global internet connection with man sitting on laptop

These days, broadband is a necessity for home and work life. Broadband plans seem to be getting more expensive and many customers are starting to notice. Cheap broadband plans are available and choosing one of them can save you money each month.

Vodafone Fibre Broadband Unlimited – £25 Per Month

Thanks to Vodafone high-speed fibre broadband doesn’t have to be expensive. For £25 per month they offer 63MBPS downloading and 20MBPS uploading speeds. This service requires an 18 month contract and comes with free activation and free hardware necessary to get set up. There is a guaranteed minimum speed offer or you get discounts on your next bill.

TalkTalk Fibre Broadband – £19.95 Per Month

TalkTalk offers a Fibre plan with the cheapest Fibre on the market. The speed at 36MBPS is a bit less than with other providers, but it’s still a fast speed for basic internet usage. This price can be locked in at an 18 month contract and includes free hardware and unlimited usage.

First Unity Broadband – £16.99

First Unity offers classic broadband at a cheap price. Their contract length is 18 months and their average speeds are 11MBPS, which is plenty for basic browsing. When you sign up you get a free router and all hardware needed to install their service. One thing that sets First Unity apart is that they offer a fully UK customer service team that can assist with activation, setup, and billing.

Broadband is more accessible than ever and slow internet in most cases a thing of the past. Comparing all broadband plans out there is the safest way to get cheap broadband.