How Do You Know If a Man Loves You?

Young Couple in love with the men being all over his partner and kissing her on the cheek

You’ve got a new man and things are going great, but does he love you? Men are notoriously difficult to read and not as forthcoming with their emotions as women. So, here’s how you can tell if he loves you.

How Does He Treat You?

Men treat the woman they love with respect. He’ll value your opinions and make time for you regardless of his social life. It’s important to notice the small things, and if he makes the effort to do things you like you’ll do them.

Do You Doubt His Intentions?

He either loves you or loves you not. This is important to remember because there shouldn’t be any question. If you’re wondering what his intentions are, how he really feels and if he values you, then he’s not in love. A man in love will show you how he feels, in his own unique way.

Do You Have His Time?

If the man in your life refuses to make time for you, then he doesn’t love you. It’s important to balance a relationship with your social life, but if he loves you he wants to see you.

Does He Show You Off?

If a man loves you, then he wants the world to know. This means he’ll hold your hand in public, and introduce you to his family and friends. If he isn’t, there’s a reason!

Will He Compromise?

We all want different things, but relationships mean compromising. This is important because loving someone means giving and sharing. If the man in your life does his own thing, then it’s unlikely he loves you.

Sometimes relationships take time to develop, so don’t panic if the man you’re seeing doesn’t love you. However, if it’s been a while, you should think about leaving the relationship.