Premier League 2018/2019: Who Will Win?

soccer game of Liverpool against Manchester

With an annual revenue of 4 billion dollars, the Premier League is undoubtedly the most watched competitive football league in the world with fans all over the globe. For the Premier League 2018/2019 it’s crunch time for teams who are struggling for a top-four finish and consequently a spot in the prestigious Champions League as well as the three struggling bottom teams. Hull City, Sunderland and Swansea City are putting on a spirited fight to avoid the disappointments that come with relegation.

According to statistics this season has also been more competitive compared to the three past seasons (2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16). So far teams have scored 600 goals averaging 2.86 goals per match with close to fifteen weeks left of the campaign. This goal average is quite high compared to the past three seasons.

Which Team is Likely to Win The 2018/2019 Season?

The Premier League 2018/2019 has been undoubtedly one of the most unpredictable seasons in Premier League history, and with 170 games still to be played, the title race remains wide open with favorites being Liverpool and Manchester City. As last season’s champions, City have continued their incredible attacking and offensive game-play mentality but have suffered shocking defeats to struggling teams including Newcastle, Leicester and Crystal Palace placing them in a compromising position to retain their title. Liverpool is undoubtedly having the season of their life with an average of 2.88 goals per match and won’t easily let go of the title as they did in the Champions League final to Real Madrid.

With a low probability of challenging the title, the race for a top for finish heats up with Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United looking for a spot in the Champions League with only two points separating them.

The Premier League has historically been competitive, but the winner in most cases has been known mid-season in December. However, Premier League 2018/2019 has been so competitive that we are not sure who will snatch the title even after past mid-season.