How to Floss Dance

group of young people dancing a choreography in a dance studio

From the “Japan” dance challenge to the “In My Feelings” challenge, 2018 was undoubtedly a year of lit dance moves that took the internet by craze. Out of the numerous dance styles of 2018, the floss dance move went viral and became a popular dance style that even celebrities performed. But why did flossing become so popular despite originating from a sixteen-year-old kid? Here is why.

What Is the Floss Dance?

The floss dance also known as flossing is a dance move that involves an individual swinging their arms repeatedly with clenched fists, from the back of their body to the front and each side. The dance involves a lot of hip and arm swinging in a rapid back and forth opposite direction in the same way as using a piece of dental floss hence the name floss dance.

Why is the Floss Dance Popular?

The floss dance is credited to a now famous 16-year-old American schoolboy, Russel Horning, nicknamed ‘backpack kid’, who developed the dance choreography in the summer of 2016. The dance didn’t gather much buzz, but backpack kid’s fans started sharing copied dance moves on their social media pages making the floss dance become Russel’s signature dance.

It made a global breakthrough when Russel Horning performed it during a Saturday Night Live performance alongside Katy Perry who was performing her “Swish Swish” song in May 2017. Videos of the dance went viral on social media and became a trend among children and teens who were looking to swish their arms correctly.

How to Floss

  • Fist your hands and stand with your feet wide apart and your shoulders broadened. Remember to bend your knees slightly bent while staying loose.
  • With your left arm in front and your right one behind your body (your body should be exactly in the middle your arms) sweep your arms to the left.
  • As you sweep both your arms to the left, move your hips to the opposite direction (right). While sweeping your arms and pushing your hips, they should cross in the center.
  • Reverse the initial move by swinging your arms to the right and your hips to their original position
  • Next, straighten your arms and sweep both of them in the left downward direction in front of your body.
  • Now separate your arms and swing the right arm in front of your body to the right and the left arm at the back of your body to the left.
  • Repeat the first step to the last in quick succession while increasing speed.

To conclude, floss dance is undoubtedly an entertaining dance style most enjoyable when performed in groups. To perform the dance, play fast-paced music with trendsa quick rhythm and beats. You can also blend the floss dance with the stanky leg to appear unique and trendy.