How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube

two hands turning a colourful rubic's cube

The Rubik’s cube is a mechanical puzzle (3D) invented over 30 years and is still one of the best selling toys. Most consider it virtually impossible to solve. However, this is not so with this simple guide.

The Rubik Cube’s Mechanism

Actually, the cube is a 26-piece puzzle with three kinds of pieces:

  • Corner piece

It features three different colours (8 corner pieces exist in the cube).

  • Centre piece

Has 1 colour sticker (6 centre pieces joined to the core).

  • Edge piece

Comprises two different colour stickers (12 edge pieces exit in the cube).

The core is the cube’s inside, which holds all pieces and rotatable axes. Note that the centre pieces form part of the core. Subsequently, you can’t move them comparatively to each other. Consequently, they’re already solved.

Actually, the solving process involves bringing all edge and corner pieces to the “solved” centrepieces. This means you have 20 pieces to solve out of the 26.

Tips to Solve the Cube

1. Practise

Practising is the sole way of improving your solving time. There’s no way around it. Decreasing the solving time needs practising.

2. Use quality Cube

The solving time is dependant on two things: the cube and you. A quality cube will enhance the practise, making it more fun. Moreover, it will enable the implementation of finger tricks effectively and easily.

3. Memorise the algorithms

Practise until you get to a position where you recognise the algorithms by heart. To do this, implement an algorithm numerous times. After some time, you’ll learn the execution without thinking about the notation. You’ll notice a considerable decrease in the solving time.

4. Finger tricks

This tip seeks to shorten your implementation time. You’ll conduct one move (rotation) with one finger rather than the entire hand. The easiest trick is implementing a U with the left or right index finger. Most tricks ultimately come naturally after consistent practise.

Solving the Rubik’s cube is a task many find difficult and virtually impossible. However, with the right tips, you can solve it in a short time.