Don’t Miss Children of The Narco Zone

Kids wearing face masks in documentary Children of the Narco zone

If you’ve seen the Narcos, then you’ll know all about the Mexican drug trade. However, not many think about the effects it has on young children. The documentary Children of the Narco Zone takes a harrowing look at what life is like for the children of gangsters in Mexico.

Mexico Shows Us The Truth

The country has made six short documentary videos, each showing the darker side of Mexico and how it affects the citizens. One of which is about the Earthquake in the 1980s which destroyed a lot of the country. Another tells the story of a woman who has kept her mentally disabled son locked away for years.

There are also stories about prisoners and the Mexican system in general. However, Children of the Narco Zone is particularly devastating. Perhaps it’s due to the issues young children face, but also because of the admiration they hold for gang culture.

Difficult Times

When teachers are tasked with educating the young, they don’t expect to deal with family members that want their children to follow in their footsteps. The documentary shows us the struggles teachers face when they need to explain to children how the drug trade in Mexico is destroying the country.

Teachers have to struggle through poor living conditions, low wages and a range of social issues. Teaching children that their heroes are to blame for the state of the country is a hard and dangerous job. If you’re interested in watching the Children of the Narcos, you can find it on YouTube or The New York Times website.