Simple acts of charity for the holidays

The holidays are a time for giving and good news, there are plenty of organizations for you to help. Even the smallest deeds, such as visiting a lonely senior or cooking a meal for a needy family, goes a long way. The following are simple acts of charity you can perform at Christmas.

Adopt a family for the holidays

Give a family a Christmas they’ll never forget by participating in an adopt-a-family program. For each family you adopt, you’ll supply them with food certificates, toys for the children, as well as clothing or hygiene products for older kids and adults.

Serve food to the homeless

Serving food to the homeless is a kind thing to do all year long, especially when you serve them with a big smile.

Adopt a pet

Give a dog or cat a home by adopting them from a shelter. You’ll have an adorable companion and will give it a new chance in life.

Give blood

Just one pint of blood can save up to three lives. Not everyone is eligible to give blood, so check with your local blood center to see if you can give this gift.

Christmas time is a time to make merry, but try to remember the less fortunate.The simple acts of charity you can perform at Christmas will go a long way into spreading the love.