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The Forever Fight Challenge in Destiny 2

Screenshot from the game Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a first shooter multiplayer game released in autumn 2017. Being the sequel to the 2014 Destiny game, it already had a loyal following and even brought new players to the franchise. The game was originally released on Xbox one and Playstation 4 but also came out with a Microsoft Windows version which has attracted a following from PC gamers.

The Forever Fight Challenge in Destiny 2 came with a new raid called the Last Wish raid added in September. It is proving to be popular among fans despite the difficulty. Many users find this challenge a nice change of pace from the summoning ritual.

What is the Challenge?

The Forever Fight Challenge is a challenge in the Morgeth battle. The challenge requires you to keep all of the miniature ogres alive. If you have the Last Wish raid, you have this challenge. While keeping miniature ogres alive is all you need to do, remember you still need to defeat Morgeth.

How to Complete the Challenge

Keeping the ogres alive is easier said than done. The best way to complete this challenge is to use the pillars and landscape around the boss to shield yourself from the ogre blasts. Many people are looking for tricks and secrets to make the challenge easier but unfortunately there are none. Keeping the ogres alive and fighting the boss is the only way to win. Using pillars can help, but with Morgeth and the ogres you will be vulnerable almost everywhere. Getting hit by one of these blasts can instantly knock you out of a spot you’re in and change your position. Constantly moving around can help and doing this with a teammate to draw fire from the ogres while you fight Morgeth is also a helpful strategy.

No matter how you decide to take on this challenge, many players find it hard but exciting and the Last Wish raid is definitely a great edition to the game. Complete the Forever Fight challenge in Destiny 2 today!

[photo: www.playstation.com]